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Are you passionate about the markets?

Avatar has a collaborative and fun working environment, providing aggressive compensation that is based heavily on performance.  Focused primarily on equities trading and catering to experienced traders with proven track records, Avatar is fully staffed to provide superior technology, support, and trading capital for all equities strategies and holding periods.

Open Positions

Equities Trading Jobs

Entry Level Equities Trader

New York • Chicago

Seeking intelligent individuals with no prior trading experience. Candidates should possess a strong work ethic and a passion for equities trading. Ideal candidates will have strong quantitative skills, an entrepreneurial spirit and two years of post-graduate employment (not necessarily in the trading industry). Learn more about the entry-level prop trading opportunity.

Experienced Equities Trader

New York • Chicago • Remote

Seeking experienced equity and equity options traders with proven track records in equities to join our proprietary trading desks in New York, Chicago, or remote.

Will consider algorithmic, discretionary, and portfolio managers for both intra-day and overnight strategies.  Two years of experience required with a live proven track record. Apply here

Quantitative Trading Jobs

Quantitative Trader - Entry Level


Seeking an entry level trader with no prior professional trading experience.  Individuals must be disciplined and able to take direction. A background from a top school in statistics or engineering is encouraged, and a strong work ethic is required. C++ and Python experience is a plus.

Compensation is entirely performance-based with no cap. Training is comprehensive. Traders will be taught a proven strategy and given all trading and risk capital required.

Experienced Equities Quantitative Analyst

New York • Chicago • Remote

Seeking experienced equities quants to join our proprietary trading desks in New York, Chicago or remote.  Will work directly with our development team using our proprietary and third-party APIs to build new strategies.  2 years of experience required with a live proven track record a plus.

Trading Developer Jobs

Python Strategy Implementation Developer

New York • Chicago

Seeking a strong Python developer with solid market structure experience.  Previous experience in a trading environment is highly preferred. Required to have a deep understanding of the following:

  • Equities OMS Experience
  • Order Routing and Order Management Logic
  • Order Marking Logic
  • Risk Management Logic
  • Transaction Cost Analysis

It is a bonus for the candidate to have strong communication skills, basic C++ knowledge, and previous program trading experience.

GUI Front-End Developer

New York • Chicago • Remote

Seeking an experienced User Interface developer to join our development team.  Previous experience in a trading environment required.  Strong C++, Python, and Java skills are necessary.  Trading knowledge and communication skills a plus.


Winter/Summer Internships

New York • Chicago

Avatar does not have a formal internship program, but trading groups accept summer and winter interns as needed.  We are currently not accepting internship applications at this time. 

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