Avatar Securities

Avatar's Manhattan Trading Floor


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the licensing requirements?
Traders are required to pass the Series 57 exam.

What will my responsibilities be as a trader for Avatar Securities?
Traders with Avatar are responsible for trading in a regulatory compliant manner. You will not be charged with menial tasks; your only task will be to learn, to trade responsibly, and to trade with discipline.

Do I receive a salary if I trade with Avatar Securities?
Avatar traders are paid based on performance.

Does your firm offer remote trading?
Yes. Remote trading is permitted for approved associates who meet the registration and licensing requirements.

Is Avatar Securities a Broker-Dealer?
Yes. Avatar Securities, LLC is a PHLX member firm. We are a proprietary trading firm only. Avatar Securities, LLC does not accept retail or customer accounts. Traders are not brokerage customers and SIPC insurance coverage is not available.

Is Avatar Securities an independent firm?
Yes. Avatar is completely independent and maintains relationships with multiple software providers.

When and how will I be paid?
We generally pay traders on the fifth business of day of the following month. Traders are only paid by Avatar Securities directly.

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    If you have specific questions, would like more detail, or are a professional trader and want to express an interest in trading on Avatar's prop trading desk, please contact us.